Get Record Revenue with Social Bar Push Ads
Meet the most engaging rich push ad format. 30x higher CTRs and unprecedented eCPMs compared to web push. Enhanced interactivity compared to in-page push.
Social Bar Is Displayed as a Native Ad on Publisher Websites, Encouraging User Interaction
20-30x higher CTR
Social Bar vs Web Push A/B tests results on sample campaigns within Adsterra
eCPM growth
Great visibility and smart ad rotation prompt higher engagement and lift CPM
No user subscription
Social Bar doesn't rely on OS or browsers, so the ads don't require subscriptions
Social Bar Comes with Highly Engaging
Ad Types
Chat Bar
This ad format engages users into a chat before sending them to the advertiser's page. Chat Bar can be fully interactive as it supports conversational scenarios, images, emojis, and gifs.
Survey Bar
Survey Bars bring a two-fold benefit: engage users to take the survey and filter the audience by their responses.
In-Page Push
A fully customizable format that doesn't require any opt-ins or subscriptions. You can adjust its size, location, and appearance making it look nice and friendly.
Video Bar
A captivating ad format that runs on a website and teases a user to continue watching the video on the advertiser's premises.
Custom Banner
A next-gen format enriched with HTML/CSS. It helps create maximum impact with animated files, timers, and counters.
Chat Bar
Survey Bar
In-Page Push
Video Bar
Custom Banner
Get Record Revenues with Social Bar
For Advertisers
Interactive ad formats bring record CTRs and CRs
Fully customizable creatives with high engagement
A/B tests for up to 15 creatives at a time
All devices, browsers, OS (including iOS)
CPC, CPM payment models Self-Serve Platform to launch In-Page Push campaigns A dedicated support manager to launch multi-format ad campaigns
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For Publishers
No "ad blindness" effect with highly engaging ads
100% browser friendly and Google compliant formats
More profit with less ad space required
AI algorithm picks creatives relevant to your traffic
One line of code installs all ad formats, but they don't bombard your audience as they see one ad at a time. Various ad types and smart rotation result in higher CR and CPMs.
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20+ deep targeting options
Profit from 100% traffic volume; AdBlock doesn't hide Social Bar
Smart rotation ensures ad types variety
A super-easy way to grow income as Social Bar is installed in 1 minute
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