Social Bar | Run ads that return amazing CTR and ROI
Drive up to 30X higher CTRs with combo push+display ads. Never-ending ideas with over 20 templates.
Over 1.7B ad views weekly.
What do you get with Social Bar?
Loads of conversions with 20+ templates or custom designs
100% genuine traffic that matches your target
CPM, CPC, CPA traffic with over
1.7B impressions weekly
Laser-focus targeting and
A/B testing
Optimized bids and targeting without wasting budgets
Wrap your offers to get maximum clicks and conversions
Take the best from push and display ads. Unlike web push, Social Bar ads run on all OS and browsers.
BEST FOR: VPN, Antiviruses, PC/Phone cleaners, Apps, Games, Shops, Crypto, Dating
Make powerful visuals in seconds. Ads look native on all OS and devices. No traffic loss as in-page push ads don't require subscriptions and bypass ad-blockers.
BEST FOR: Dating, Ecommerce, Apps, Utility, Sweepstakes, Gambling, Games
Chat heads are something users quickly react to. They've become native and credible thanks to messaging apps. Use this power by adding interactive icons with or without a text bubble.
BEST FOR: Software, Add-Ons, VPN,
Apps, Sweepstakes.
Widgets are top-choice since the iOS 14 release. Android users are also getting familiar with this format. You can now empower your ads to look exactly this way: friendly, neat, and attention-grabbing.
Win conversions faster by pitching the offer right on a publisher's website
Run super-effective A/B tests with totally different visuals
You can test up to 15 creatives per campaign. But you won't waste long hours spying on your competitors. Pick top templates and create totally different but catchy visuals.
Pre-warm users before they reach your landing page. With Social Bar, you shorten the conversion flow. Use compelling, OS-friendly creatives with large images and CTA buttons.
Start today by making your first creative
(for Chrome, desktop version)
On the Campaign Setup page, pick Social Bar
From the hamburger menu choose
Campaigns → Create.
You can now tweak creative templates or choose main settings like Pricing, GEO, Traffic type so to submit your campaign for verification.
Sign up or log in as an Advertiser.
Reach us out via chat if you have questions.
Enjoy great ROI like Adsterra partners do
Social Bar is available only at Adsterra
We power campaigns with great traffic since 2013
Expert live
support for all partners
20 targeting
with СРС bids
from 0.001$
Ad impressions
per month
Direct publishers
with HQ traffic
Anti-fraud & anti-malware protection
Smart bidding and traffic estimation tools
Budget protection: limits to spending
In 2022, you need more than banners or web push! With Social Bar, you reach out to users faster while saving your budgets. Try and win all leads!
— Shall I buy CPM or CPA traffic?
— Can I use my own designs for Social Bar?
— What about other ad formats?
...And some other questions answered
Why is Social Bar better than web push ads?
Web push ads are still in demand. But why not to use all traffic and improve conversions? The In-Page Push technology is not blocked by browsers because it does need any subscriptions. Yes, you won't be able to send notifications to the user's device, but you will cover the most well-paid traffic segments. Moreover, web push is no longer a novelty: Google is gradually blocking more and more of push traffic. With the Social Bar format, you will increase both coverage, CTR, and conversions.
Which offers convert better on which pricing model?
If you are working with Adsterra for the first time, it is more convenient to start with fast conversions. These are always CPA offers for SOI, DOI, installs, and trials. Such flow usually comes with VPN, Utilities, Sweeps, PIN submits, Applications, Subscriptions verticals. Speaking of the CPM model, it is better to launch Gambling, Dating, Cryptocurrency, Ecommerce and other offers as they require complex conversions (deposits or credit card submits, etc.).
How do I find out the best bid?
With Adsterra, you have smart tools, Traffic Chart and Traffic Estimator, at your disposal. The first one will show how much traffic you currently have on the selected geo. And the second one will evaluate competitors' bids for the traffic segment that you need, and will show the recommended bid to get a good number of impressions. This way you will not drain the budget and will be able to gradually change the bid, testing new and new traffic segments.
Which ad formats does Adsterra have?
Absolutely all of the top-demanded. Popunders, Native Banners, and Social Bar are available on the Self-Service Platform. To access Banner and Video Ads' traffic, you will need to contact our managers first (use the live chat on your account). By the way, you can check the current amount of traffic on some formats. For example, Popunders send over 2 billion impressions per week.
What if Social Bar templates are not enough for me?
Social Bar is versatile by design. You have a helpful ad builder on the Self-Service Platform, but it's half-power tool. If you switch to a managed account (with a dedicated manager), you can upload absolutely any design or send us a brief to create one for you. One of our advertisers increased conversions five-fold thanks to collecting email addresses directly on the publisher's website!
How do I deposit money? Is it easy to pay?
You can top up your balance via the majority of payment systems: Paxum, Capitalist, WebMoney. You can make a bank payment. Recently, we simplified payments by card. You can top up the balance without verification if the sum on the account does not exceed $500. The main thing is to fill in all payment details.
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