Monetize Any Traffic and Get Extra Income With Smart Direct Link

Adsterra's Direct Link drives high-CPM offers and matches them to your traffic within one landing. Boost your earnings with 60K campaigns from 12k advertisers.
Turn Social, Web, and Mobile
Traffic Into Profit
Extra income $300-1100 per month
Highest CPM bids selection
100% fill rate with top offers
Comfortable 7-15NET payouts
Caring Customer Support
How Direct Link Helps Monetize Traffic
You register at Adsterra, get the link code and place in on your lander
You drive traffic from various sources to the lander
A user comes to your lander and clicks on the link, AI optimization begins
AI picks the best CPM offer that matches this user's interests and parameters
The user is led to the most relevant offer. You are paid at a higher rate
Withdrawal from $5

Profit With Clean Ads
From Reputable Advertisers
FAQ (первый коммент)
Smart Direct Link FAQ
What business can profit from Smart Direct Link?
Adsterra's Smart Direct Link is a versatile tool that works both in solo and in combination with other classic formats like native banners or popunders. So it relies on the very same monetization basics. Almost all businesses can profit from it if there are no tough restrictions in ad content.

Online business owners
Dropshipping pro
Marketing guru
Crypto expert
Video blogger

Affiliate marketing pros
They buy traffic in bulk
Drive social traffic
Work with affiliate networks

Web and mobile platforms owners
SEO and marketing
Streaming video services
Mobile apps
Websites related to gadgets and apps

What user parameters does Smart Direct Link evaluate when I'm launching a campaign?
GEO: region, country, state, city
Connection Type
Device type + Vendor
OS + versions
Preferences + Behavior

Should I know how to code to add Smart Direct Link to my website?
Nope. A direct link is an URL that you generate in your Adsterra account. A single line of code that you can add to any text, visuals, buttons, or other elements. If blogging on Wordpress, Blogspot or any other platform, there are visual editors to place such codes.
I'm a beginner in affiliate marketing. Can I try your tool?
When you buy traffic it's crucial to stay profitable. Keeping the balance might be hard. Adsterra Direct Link is a real catch when you are a beginner. It's super-easy to start cause you need just one landing page and one code to place on it. When it is done, drive your traffic to the lander and get paid.
What types of traffic can I drive to your Smart Direct Link?
At Adsterra we accept all traffic types. You can monetize all your traffic including that from social media accounts or mobile apps. Just direct your audience from various sources to the webpage or a lander with the link on it.

Any type of traffic
  • Social media traffic
  • Forums
  • Organic traffic
  • Email traffic
  • Any type of paid traffic

Where is it better to put the link?
Think like a user who is willing to consume the content. What are the top converting spots? Depending on the web page structure and content you could place the link to:

Any element
  • Text
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Full-size previews
  • Lightboxes
  • Return button
  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Javascript Pop-Up
  • Subscription buttons

Can I control the offers avoiding the undesired ones?
Yep. You can filter the unwanted ads.

  1. When you register at Adsterra, you enter your website URL and fill out the form where you tick the ads you don't want to rotate.
  2. AI optimization behind our solutions help adjust the offers so that they match your audience preferences.
  3. Our support team is always ready to help you out if any case occurs. Submit a ticket in your account, and we'll do our best to resolve the issue.