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Native Banner is a classic ad format with an engaging image and headline, perfectly blending in with the website content. Typically, Native Banners are placed in the most visible parts of a page, so this ad type delivers higher viewability and interaction rates in comparison to standard banner ads.
What is Native Banner ads?
CTR 8,8x
Compared to typical display ads
(according to MediaRadar report)
Reach your goals with Native ads
This ad format is relevant to user interests, which means that only engaged people will click on your ads. It leads to CTR boost, higher conversions, and ROI increase.
Native Banners are relevant to the website content, so they do not annoy users and do not cause irritation, which leads to higher user trust and click rate increase.
Also, Native Banner ads is a giant traffic source: the volume of traffic for Native Banner campaigns at Adsterra is currently estimated at 1+ BILLION per week.
With Native ads, you can reach higher exposure, as the format is adjustable to any device and screen size. It means that you can contact any Internet user with your ads.
Top-converting verticals
Perks of Adsterra Native Ads
Enormous traffic volume:
Over 1 billion per week
pricing models
The lowest minimal bids
on the market: $0.001
Transparent and flexible moderation
Add up to 15 creatives to one campaign
Improve your campaigns with A/B testing. The system shares traffic flows between your creatives, and you can choose the best-performing ones for scaling.
Multilingual and friendly managers
We care about each partner, no matter the size.
Even small advertisers are capable of growing big with us. Your success means our success!
One-page setup for Self-Service campaigns
Master your campaigns on SSP. No need to wait for your manager, you can instantly give it a go yourself.
RTB integration
We support integration via Open RTB, XML, JSON feeds, and custom solutions. Both CPM and CPC.
Payment methods
Our partners
Launching your campaigns via Adsterra SSP is as easy as pie.
Or you can request support from Adsterra managers, and they will gladly help.

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