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Experienced managers know all the best practices on working with Adsterra traffic. They will help you grow even if you use Self-Service Platform.
Unique traffic: 25 BN+ impressions by over 10,000 direct publishers monthly for you to achieve all your goals within one ad network.
Flexible creatives moderation does not limit your imagination. Just ask your manager.
Adsterra manager is your key to in-house developed design concepts for creatives and landing pages.

Improves Conversion Rate by 78% on average
to ease the process
tech features
Advanced Campaign Settings
Find the right audience for the right message with the full targeting inventory including rare finds like Browser Version, OS Version, Carrier, User Lifetime, IP Targeting, etc.
One-page campaign setup well within industry standards. All targeting options are available. Mix SSP and your manager's tips to rule the market.
Estimator makes a forecast on how much traffic you will get for the campaign based on your settings, bids and current competition to set up your campaigns as precisely as possible and accurately predict the result.
Self-Service Platform
Smart Traffic Estimator
API Integration
Export data & statistics and use API to manage your SSP campaigns. Don't waste your time on routine operations, spend it on creative work instead.
Real-Time Bidding
Attractive conditions for RTB partners: we support integration via Open RTB, XML, JSON feeds and custom solutions.
Anti-Adblock Solution
Do not lose adblock traffic. We help you deliver your ads to everyone. Adblock users are not accustomed to ads, so you win their attention and raise your CTR.
All popular ad formats
1.3+ Billion
Impressions per week
Managed & SSP
Top-performing verticals:
Binary & Crypto
Adsterra managers know how to make any offer perform greatly.
Feel free to contact us and find out about the best practices.
Payment methods
"We've been working with Adsterra for 2 years now. Together we managed to increase monthly traffic flow +20% and keep it stable for over 6 months. Adsterra Team has contributed much to our success: they create custom creatives for our offers and match them with the most relevant publishers. Now we plan to scale Web Push and Native campaigns and expand our work on the US and European markets."
TopOffers Manager
"We have recently carried out a successful API integration to set up automatic domain replacement. It helps to provide an uninterrupted campaign run, and we do not waste time & money on manual domain replacement. After the integration, numbers have increased drastically. CR has added 5-10%, daily earnings have risen 8% due to zero domain replacement pauses during the day."
Katarina Dmitrovic
Coinis Manager
If you need special treatment — let us know.
Exclusive conditions for big advertisers.
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